Dr. Panagiota Diamantopoulou, Agricultural Engineer-Food Scientist (MSc, PhD), Assistant Researcher at the Laboratory of Edible Fungi of Institute of Technology of Agricultural Products (ITAP), HAO – DEMETER, in Athens. Graduate of the Science and Technology Department of the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA, 1996) and post-graduate of the University of Bristol, on Food Science and Technology Department (MSc, 1997) and of Food Science and Technology Faculty of University of Budapest (1997), emphasizing on microbiology. PhD studies in the Laboratory of Chemistry and Food Analysis of Food Science and Technology Department of AUA (2012), with thesis entitled “Kinetic studies of polysaccharides and lipids biosynthesis during the cultivation of macromycetes”. The 19-years experience includes a wide research work (participation in 12 research programs) on edible and medicinal fungi that concerns: a) mushroom cultivation on agro-industrial wastes and their evaluation as regards mushroom yield and quality, b) kinetic studies of medicinal mushrooms growing on liquid cultures, c) the response of white mushroom on several fungicides in vitro and in vivo on productivity and quality and their residue evaluation, d) factors influencing pre- and post-harvest mushroom quality attributes, e) mushroom physiology during storage and packaging, f) chemical and microbiological methods for mushroom sample analysis and g) production of mushroom metabolites with biotechnological and medicinal interest (enzymes, polysaccharides, lipids). Instructor of pre- and post-graduate mushroom courses at AUA and the Institute of Agricultural Sciences (Athens, Greece) on mushroom biotechnology. Author of 22 scientific articles in reviewed journals, 3 book chapters and more than 40 papers and written contributions in scientific journals and congresses, with >600 citations. Reviewer of international scientific journals.