Dr Agapi Ι Doulgeraki  received a degree from the Department of Food Science and Technology of Agricultural University of Athens (2007) and her Ph.D. degree from Cranfield University (UK) (2011). She has been involved in more than 10 international and national research projects, while she received founding for 2 research research projects (47066,66€ and 12000€). In specific, she worked in research projects like TRUEFOOD, ProSafeBeef, Symbiosis, Probiolives, Quafety, PhasmaFood, biofilm, NovelEye focus on (i) food microbiota, (ii) molecular microbiology, (iii) active packaging (iv) biofilm formation and decontamination (v) probiotic bacteria and (vi) gene expression. Her research interests focus on (i) monitoring microorganisms and their behavior in foods by application of standard and molecular techniques, (ii) enhancement of safety and quality of foods (e.g. use of natural antimicrobials, packaging, probiotics), (iv) biofilm formation on biotic and abiotic surfaces and methods development for biofilm decontamination. In the period of 2010-2017, she has published 28 original articles in scientific journals (IF/pub: 2.993, h-index: 11, 458 citations), 1 book chapter and more than 70 presentations in international and national conferences. She has taught in University of the Aegean (2012-2013) and Agricultural University of Athens (2017) and co supervise a MSc student in University of Malta. In addition, she was a substitute member in FA1202 Cost Action (ΒacFoodNet).