Institute of Technology of Agricultural Products (ITAP) of HAO-DEMETER participated in the competition ECOTROPHELIA 2017 with a group of students of the School of Chemical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens with the product “VEGGIE-CUTS”. The team’s coaching and co-ordination was directed by the Researcher of ITAP Dr. Katsaros Georgios. “VEGGIE-CUTS”is a vegetable parchment consisting of fresh and / or dehydrated Greek vegetables as well as edible residues from vegetable processing industries. Its texture is similar to the classic meat parchment with vegetable flavor and all the benefits of healthy eating offered by eating vegetables instead of meat. More information on this product and all the products that were presented to the event by the teams that participated in the Competition are presented in the following video:

“VEGGIE-CUTS” was awarded the FOODPRINT cash prize, as it presented the best environmental footprint to raise awareness among students and to encourage food companies to take all necessary action to reduce carbon emissions. The following video from the event shows all the teams that were awarded as well as the team of HAO-DEMETER and NTUA: