History of ITAP


The Institute of Technology of Agricultural Products (ITAP) was founded in 1933 by the Ministry of Agriculture under the name “Agricultural Technology Station”. Since 1952, it operates as a Research Institute in its current premises in Lykovrissi, Attica. In 1990 the Institute joined the National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF), which was established by Law 1845/89 and supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture. From 13/10/2011 on, ITAP belongs to the Agricultural Research Directorate of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization “HAO – DEMETER”. In 2014, the Wine Institute and Dairy Research Institute merged to the Institute of Technology of Agricultural Products (ITAP)

Activities of the Institute of Technology of Agricultural Products

ITAP is the only public research Institute in the broader public sector that deals with the quality, safety, processing and preservation of foodstuff. Three of its laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited: Microbiological analysis laboratory, Physico-chemical analysis laboratory and Genetic Identification laboratory. A significant number of research programs have been funded by the European Union and by the GSRT and have been implemented at the Institute or are in progress. Through these programs, the Institute has established very good cooperation with many Universities and Research Centers in Greece and abroad. The results of the research have been published in international and domestic journals and have been announced in conference proceedings. Moreover, cooperation with the Greek food industry is constantly increasing in various forms (research projects, cooperation agreements and technical support services). In particular, support services contribute significantly to solve issues in the production process, food quality and hygiene assurance and development of new products by applying modern methods and technologies. The Institute is fully equipped and uses classical and modern techniques and equipment such as PCR, GelElectrophoreses, PFGE, DGGE, HPLC, GC, GC / MS, High Pressure System Unit (the unique laboratory-scale High Pressure system Unit established in Greek laboratories), microscopes and many more.

The researchers of Institute of Technology of Agricultural Products, in addition to their research activities:

  • Provide scientific support to the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food
  • Participate in international Networks, Fora and Working Groups and Technical Working Groups
  • Act as National Contact Points in European Scientific Committees
  • Participate in National Committees
  • Provide technical advice services to the food industry
  • Supervise Doctoral and Master theses, undergraduate theses and student internships
  • Participate in competitions for innovative products