The Laboratory of edible fungi (LEF) of ITAP is the only site of basic and applied research on mushroom science in Greece. It works on the biotechnological applications of mushrooms and their use on nutrition, the bio-transformation of agro-industrial residues and production of fungal metabolic products, the cultivation of new for the Greek market mushroom species aiming their incorporation in it, as well as the improvement of cultivation techniques. Moreover, LEF preserves a fungal culture collection comprising more than 170 edible and medicinal mushroom strains.


LEF is sufficiently equipped for the implementation of liquid and solid state fermentations and microbiological/chemical analysis of edible fungi that occur:


  • the needs for implementing the research projects of ITAP
  • the realization of studies and expertise in cooperation with the control services of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and other public services
  • the rendering of scientific-technical services towards companies and civilians
  • the training of scientists, students, farmers and the technical support of mushrooms growers, by offering advisory services
  • the under- and post- graduate research studies of students from Universities and Technical Schools


Laboratory Equipment

  • Rotary evaporator
  • 2 Autoclave chambers
  • Incubator shaker
  • Orbital shaker
  • Spectrophotometer UV-VIS
  • Laminar flow chamber
  • Freeze dryer
  • 2 heating mantles
  • Thermo-balance
  • 3 Microscopes
  • 2 cooled incubators
  • Low temperature centrifuge
  • 2 incubator chambers
  • pH meter, conductivity meter, light intensity meter
  • Gas Analyser (O2-CO2-CH4-NH4)
  • Other laboratory & auxiliary equipment :

Dehydrators, Grinder mill, Refrigerators and freezers, Water baths, Hot plate stirrers, Balances, VORTEX mixer, Deionised Water column, Caliper, Heated Magnetic stirrers etc.


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