The laboratory of postharvest physiology of fresh fruits and vegetables covers research needs on the identification and recording of the pre and post-harvest processes taking place in crops, fruits and vegetables which lead to aging of the products and affect their quality as well as finding ways to avoid food deterioration, so that the final product which reaches the consumer to be of high commercial and nutritional value. The laboratory has extended experience in the field of pre-harvest and post-harvest processing, in the cultivation, harvest and preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables (eg kiwi, peaches, beans) as well as non-food products(eg cotton), in hydroponic crops cultivation and plant nutrition. The laboratory also participates in a number of research projects for the development of innovative products and technologies.


Laboratory equipment:


  • Gas Chromatography System (Perkin Elmer), for the measurement of gases during respiration process,
  • Ιnfra Red Gas Analyzer (IRGA, LiCOR 6400), for the measurement of transpiration and metabolism of green vegetables,
  • Texture Analyzer, Stable Micro Systems, for the measurement of hardness and tenderness of fresh products,
  • Growth chambers for vegetables cultivation and controlled atmosphere chambers for fresh products preservation.


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