The laboratory of Microbiological Analysis of ITAP is a contemporary laboratory, fully equipped, where microbiological analysis of foodstuffs is undertaken in order to implement the Institute’s research programs and to provide analytical support services to companies and individuals. The support services include microbiological analysis of food samples, small scale research projects (e.g. shelf life determination) and risk assessment according to EU 2073/2005 (Anex II).

Since November 2008, the laboratory has been accredited by the ESYD in accordance with ISO 17025.


Laboratory Equipment

  • 2 Autoclave chambers
  • 2 Laminar Flow chambers
  • 2 Microscopes
  • High Pressure Unit
  • Low temperature centrifuge
  • FT–IR
  • 9 Incubators
  • Water activity value meter (aw value meter)
  • pH meter
  • Other laboratory & auxiliary equipment

Dehydrators, Refrigerators-Freezers-Ultra Low Temperature Freezer, Waterbaths, Stomacher, Hot plate stirrers, Washing mashine for laboratory use, Balances, VORTEX, Deionised Water column.

Contact e-mail: labitap.elgo@gmail.com