Dr. Pantelis Natskoulis graduated from the Dept. of Food Science & Technology of Agricultural School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, received his M.Sc. in Predictive Food Microbiology from Agricultural University of Athens, and his Ph.D. entitled “Mycotoxigenic fungi and Ochratoxin contamination in Greek grapes and wine” from Cranfield University, U.K.

His research interests include the analysis and study of flavour and aroma, as well as the detection and quantification of heavy metals and other dangerous compounds, in wines and distillates,  the discrimination of conventional and organic wines by using novel analytical methods, the determination of antioxidant activity and phenolic compounds, the detection and quantification of mycotoxins and the study of the factors affecting their production from fungi, the implementation of mathematical models to predict microorganisms growth, microbiological and physicochemical analyses of foods, etc.

He has earned 2 distinction scholarships, the first from State Scholarships Foundation for postgraduate studies and the second from E.U. through Leonardo da Vinci programme for vocational training in novel analytical techniques for wines. He has 18 published research papers in international scientific journals of the S.C.I. catalogue resulting to more than 250 citations (not including self-citations) and an h-factor of 7, as well as more than 20 announcements in abstracts of international and national conferences with editors and international scientific meetings. He has participated in 5 competitive research projects as an associate researcher and he is reviewer in 8 relevant international scientific journals and member of scientific organisations.