The sector of food molecular microbiology deals with quality and safety of foods, food microbiota, diversity and taxonomy of microorganisms, mycology, interactions of microorganisms, foods and equipment od food industries, genetics, genomics, proteomics and metabolomics, physiology of microorganisms and the application of microorganisms to develop new products. The techniques used include Basic Molecular Biology Techniques, such as PCR, RT – PCR, protein analysis, and application of culture – independent techniques. The research activities of the sector revolve around the following main axes with individual subjects:

Α. Study of food microbiota

  • monitoring of microorganisms of foods
  • monitoring of starter culture during production, processing and storage of food
  • presence / absence of a microorganism

Β. Study of the physiology of food microorganisms

  • pathogenicity of microorganisms
  • response of specific microorganisms under stress conditions
  • behavior of microorganisms in food and foodstuff