The scientific subject of the “Wine and Spirits” Sector (former Wine Institute of Athens) includes research on wines, alcoholic beverages and by-products of alcoholic fermentation and winemaking. In particular, we are interested in the methods of production and processing of the above products, the chemical composition and their qualitative evaluation, the aging of wines and spoilage factors, and the potential of the Greek grapevine varieties in terms of production of local or specialty wines and spirits, as well any other related products. The research activities of the “Wine and Spirits” Sector revolve around the following main axes with individual objectives:


  1. Composition and analysis of musts, wines and spirits
  • Chemical composition of native, foreign and new grape varieties
  • Chemical composition and sensory analysis of wines
  • Determination of primary and secondary wine aromas


  1. Winemaking technology
  • Improvement of technological practices
  • Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation (indigenous yeasts and bacteria, non-Saccharomyces species, collection of microorganisms of the former Wine Institute of Athens)
  • Aging potential


  1. Safety of wines and wine-products – Health and wine
  • Biogenic amines
  • Ochratoxin A
  • Resveratrol and related stilbenes
  • Wine with reduced levels of alcohol