• Qualitative detection of genetic modifications in seed and flour using PCR and the specific primers 35S, NOS. ✓ ACCREDITATION
  • Genetic identification and authenticity of microorganisms, plant varieties using genetic markers (SSRs, RAPDs) and customized design of genetic markers.
  • Quantitative analysis of targeted gene expression for product quality assessment.
  • Protein profile – Immuno-techniques  to assess product quality and safety.
  • Quantitative detection of specific genetic modifications – targets in collaboration with accredited laboratories abroad.

The above services are performed in G.I.L., accredited (according to ELOT EN ISO / IEC 17025) for the detection of genetic modifications. The Laboratory is a National Reference Laboratory for the Detection of Genetic Modifications and a member of the European Reference Laboratories for GM Food and Feed (EURL-GMFF).

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