ITAP undertakes the development of new and/or innovative and/or functional foods for food industries. ITAP has the expertise and experience to develop innovative products that demand more specific technological solutions than the conventional processes of the food industries for ensuring stability, organoleptic and nutritional quality retention throughout the whole storage period. The products are being developed using laboratory scale equipment following a potential production process that allows for scaling-up, including all the necessary stages of its industrial production, selecting techniques and methods that can be applied to existing equipment of the food industry. The aim is to optimize the organoleptic evaluation and quality retention of the final products while simultaneously ensuring their safety and stability. Once the “recipe” and the production process of the products is optimized, their dominant quality and safety indicators are studied vs storage time. Finally, ITAP undertakes staff training and transfer of know-how from laboratory scale to industrial scale for the product developed, aiming in a more efficient production of the new product.