On behalf of and in cooperation with food companies, ITAP undertakes to study the shelf life of all food products (frozen, refrigerated, dehydrated, fermented, etc.) in conditions of interest. The most effective experimental design and appropriate analytical methodology is used for the shelf life determination of selected food products. ITAP has the expertise, the infrastructure and the technical ability to select and apply the most appropriate and effective methods. In general, microbiological analysis, quality parameters analysis and simultaneous organoleptic assessment of samples at specific time intervals during their storage under controlled temperature conditions (selected conditions vary depending on the food being studied) are carried out.

The Accelerated Shelf Life Testing (ASLT) methodology can also be used to provide a faster estimate of the Shelf life of the food products. Data analysis of the studied quality and safety indices, enables the detection of the critical quality and safety points during food refrigeration and also allows the quantification of their impact on the food being studied.